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If you think that dancing looks like fun, but you are worried because you don’t have any rhythm, please know there is a fix to regain your rhythm. On the other hand,, if you think dancing is too complicated because you have two left feet, there is a fix for this, too. Please know that if you can stumble, you can still  learn to dance. Do you know what the term “ballroom” means today? It  means most types of recreational and social dancing with a partner. Most people today refer to Ballroom Dancing to mean what they see on the popular television program called, “Dancing with the Stars.” As a dance teacher, I watched a rumba dance on television, and could not pick out one step. Hollywood makes dancing glamorous, but it doesn’t resemble a real-life rumba dance.

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando  - Here’s an example of what the term “ballroom” really means. If you told me that you like apples, I might ask, “What type?” You might say, “Granny Smith or Red Delicious.”  Right? Okay, it is similar with ballroom dancing. If you say, “I like ballroom dancing.” I might ask what kind? You would have a choice of most the dances listed below because they are all considered “Ballroom.” Ballroom is a group of different types of dances, just like apples is a group of different types of apples. Granny Smith apples is a type of apples, and “Hustle” would be a type of Ballroom Dance.

In the early history of Ballroom classes, they were designed for people who were rich. Today, ballroom dancing is for everyone. You don’t need to be rich to learn to dance. For the 21st century, ballroom dance is for every one. The Latin word “ballare” means to dance. Dancing a social waltz would be different than dancing to a ballroom waltz. What’s the difference?

The social waltz is the basic box step, while the ballroom waltz would be danced around the perimeter of the ballroom dance floor. Just like you may have seen in the old movies where they showed a “Military Ball” or on the Disney animated movie called, “Cinderella where she danced in a large ballroom.

Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando was very popular when Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced on the big screen for film in the 1930’s and ‘40’s. The foxtrot is popular today, too. These dances are still danced to inspire young people today to learn to dance ballroom. Some of the Ballroom dances are still done at lounges, bars, weddings and nightclubs all across Florida and the U.S. Like what? East Coast Swing, Hustle and Rumba to name only a few.

There are different styles of Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando that were developed in England and sometimes called “International Standard” and International Latin style dancing. These dances are now regulated by the World Dance Council.


I have had students who wanted to learn how to dance Ballroom because they heard their friends say they were dancing ballroom and losing weight. Yes, I will make you sweat when you come to my dance studio. Many students will lose weight. I have a degree in nutrition to help you if that is part of your dancing goals. You will have so much fun dancing, losing weight sometimes becomes a secondary goal. Call now to get into the fun! Stop being a wall flower or dancing the same way you did in junior high school. 407-297-9048

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Ballroom Dance LessonsBallroom Dance LessonsBallroom Dance LessonsBallroom Dance Lessons
Ballroom Dance Lessons Orlando 

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