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What is it? Is it for you? No rhythm? Two left feet? If you want to dance, then you have the seed inside of you to learn how to dance. Some people think it is difficult because of the hit program called, “Dancing with the Stars.” But, it is not difficult. Yes, you need to find time to practice. Yes, you need to go ballroom dancing three or four times a month.

Ballroom Dancing is great exercise. Will keep you slim, and the connection made between the body and the brain will keep you young. When you learn how to dance, you not only change the chemistry of your brain, but you also cause your brain to grow. Yes, this isn’t a joke. New dendrites make more brain, and more brain results in a bigger brain.

The bigger brain also thinks faster and communicates with the entire body to keep you fluid and moving. So, invest in your health by taking up a new hobby of ballroom dancing to help insure you will know who you are when you become 80 years old.

My theory is that if you can stumble, you can learn to dance. Ballroom Dancing. Ask a question.


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Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom DancingBallroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing