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The best tip I can give a beginner is? Walk. Yes, you want to dance, but ballroom dancing for beginners is all about walking to the music. You already know all the steps, but you must learn to walk - very small steps - to the music and you will become a very good follower that leaders will flock to for a dance.


The second tip I can give a beginner is to the follower - follow your leader’s shoulders. If you pretend that you are your leaders reflection from a mirror, then when his shoulders begin to turn - so do you. If his shoulders stop, then so do you. If he takes a step then, so do you.


Now, on the other hand if your leader is processing the information he has, then you allow him to process and wait. UGH! I know that is difficult, but you must wait. When his processing is done, he’ll move. Until then? Yes, wait. Pretend you are waiting for your computer’s hard drive to stop humming before you start inputting new information.


This is a very difficult technique to abide by in the dancing world. In my studio I have a plaque on the wall that says, “When in doubt, let the horse do the thinking.” What does it mean? Well, if you are on the trail that winds up and back and down and around and you forget where the barn is = let the horse do the thinking and that animal will take you to that barn when you loosen up on the reins.


Did you notice I didn’t say, “drop the reins.” Nope, ya never do that because in a very short time your horse will be galloping towards the barn at a full run. Very dangerous.


Taking this same attitude of that horse to the dance floor is helpful because you will always be at the right place and at the right time when you follow your leader’s shoulders and let him do the thinking. Please watch the video below for a more visual example of this phenomenon.


Ballroom Dancing for Beginners is easy at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons because a private dance lesson will start your new hobby in the right direction. After five or ten private dance lessons, then begin taking group dance lessons. Yes, the five dance lessons will cost you $225. but you will get the foundation that beginning students desperately need at the beginning of their dancing careers.


Ballroom Dancing for Beginners 407-297-9048


Ballroom Dancing for Beginners

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Ballroom Dancing for Beginners
Ballroom Dancing for Beginners
Ballroom Dancing for Beginners