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It’s only a phone call away. Lose weight. Less headaches and more energy. Because a body in movement stays in movement. The old saying, “I want to burn out and not rust out.” is a good philosophy for anyone wanting to grow old gracefully.


Ballroom dancing for Better Health is easy when you read food labels. A good tip would be to: “Don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce.” How do I know this information? Because in 1995 I suffered with migraine headaches four or five times a week. My life wasn’t my own. I could not plan my schedule because my schedule was being planned for me with headaches. It wasn’t a headache I could work around - take a few aspirins and press on. No, the headache put me in my bed - suffering.


I got busying doing research to find out what could be causing these horrible headaches. My medical doctor wanted to give me a long list of medications. I didn't want prescription pain medication, I wanted to know WHY I was having so much pain. What did my doctor say to answer my “WHY?” question? Nothing. He handed me the prescription and walked out of the examining room.


I went to my car and burst into tears. When I got home, I decided to go back to school and see what I was missing. I went to the School of Natural Healing and became a Nutritional Herbalist. In 1998, I went to Clayton College of Natural Health and received a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition in 2001. I was migraine free from my alternative health education in 1998. Please watch the video below for someone you know who suffers from headaches.


I help my students learn to dance, and to be headache free. Call for more information: 407-297-9048


Ballroom Dancing for Better Health is easy at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons because a private dance lesson will start your new hobby in the right direction. During these five weeks, the dancing doctor will help you feel better and get you on the dance floor fast.

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Ballroom Dancing for Better Health
Ballroom Dancing for Better Health
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