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Look fantastic for your First Dance. With Dips and tricks - impress your family and friends with a beautiful first dance. A simple trick can transform your performance from “nice” to “memorable.” Please see the video below. I have simple tricks that don’t take a lot of physical strength, too.

I always teach my Bride and Groom a cool wedding dance moves to impress everyone at the reception. It doesn’t take a lot of time - about 30 to 45 minutes of a private dance lesson, but the impact to your guests will be fantastic.

What am I talking about that are included for some Cool Wedding Dance Moves? Please scroll down to the bottom of this page so you will see what I mean. If the move featured in the video is too scary, please know I have about ten different cool wedding moves to teach you and your better half.

You don’t need to be athletic - like a football player or a cheerleader to pull off performing Cool Wedding Moves - it helps - but is NOT necessary.

Do you want Cool Wedding Dance Moves in a choreographed first dance routine? I will give you a list of steps at the second dance lesson. Some people might call this list a “choreographed list.” Is it? Yes, it is, but I have found after ten years of teaching that this list can be a good thing - you both know what steps are coming all the time - but a bad thing if the groom makes a mistake. After all, he will be extremely nervous! What if he does step five instead of step three? The Bride is expecting step three, but the groom is a mess, and does step five. I have found that the Bride needs to follow, and the mistake will NEVER be known by the wedding guests. YAY! I help the Bride to turn off her brain - yes, this is possible with some practice. I teach the Groom to lead the Bride. What does “Lead” mean? It means the Groom will push the Bride around and make her do all the work. Brides love this! That’s why Brides willingly give up their brains and thinking. What happens?

A wonderful thing happens! The Bride follows the Groom’s nervous mistake is hidden because he leads the step that is in his brain. No one is the wiser and this becomes their dance secret together. Please consider coming in for a free wedding first dance consultation and we can brainstorm together and find the perfect dance moves for you to make you look awesome for the one special day that you will be in the spot light. Call now: 407-297-9048.


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Cool Wedding Dance Moves
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Cool Wedding Dance Moves
Cool Wedding Dance Moves

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