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Meet new people easier at country bars Orlando when you know how to dance. If you see a someone sitting close to a dance floor, it usually means that person wants to dance. If you are a man, think about this: a leader can push a woman around, make her do all the work (spinning) and when the music stops she says, “Thank you!” Where on earth can you find this phenomenon, but the dance floor? No where. In five private dance lessons you can change your life to enter the world of dancing. Don’t just sit there and drink, burn off the calories and get popular.

If you can stumble, you can learn to dance! Dancing is very popular at  two country bars Orlando: The Barn in Sanford or Cowboys in Orlando, Florida. It looks like it is fun to dance because it is. It’s great exercise and you will feel better than sitting at the bar and drinking until you find it hard to focus. Instead, focus on dancing and the girls may ask you to dance, and the men will be envious of your talent to mesmerize the ladies. It is not as difficult as you might think. Don’t be afraid of something new because it can change and improve your life. Beginners are my specialty.

The country western two step has a few name changes over the years since it was invented back in the 1800’s because they wanted to separate it from the popular ballroom dance called the Foxtrot.  You might hear the Country Western Two Step called, “Texas Two Step” or “Country Two Step” - both are the same dance that I teach at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons near Orlando. The dance became popular in the south where country music was listened to on the radio. 

Call now for more information. about Country Bars Orlando . 407-297-9048. I’ve been teaching dance for ten years and I have never met anyone who cannot learn to dance. Try it. You will thank me.

Country Bars Orlando Secrets you Should Know

1) Dancing has its own secret language known only by those who float around on the dance floor to their favorite country music. What’s the secret? Dancing is relaxing and beats stress. High blood pressure? Nervous? Dancing helps you feel better and lose weight.

The second of the Country Bars Orlando Secrets you should know:

2) If you are a single man here is a second secret just for you. Women love a man who can dance. You don’t need too many cool dance moves either. A few dance lessons and you can get comfortable on the dance floor. Most dances I attend for country or ballroom dances have twice as many women who attend the dance or other social occasion than men. Good odds if you are a single man! Why didn’t you know the odds were so good, why would a man want you invite you to reduce their odds? Probably not.

Country Bars Orlando call 407-297-9048 for more information. Country dance lessons, Latin and Ballroom are taught at Dance classes Orlando for adults

Ballroom, Salsa, Country, Wedding, Swing and other dances are taught here at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Prices are affordable.


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