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Dance classes are for all people is my motto. At Two Left Feet I am LGBT friendly. So come to a place to dance where you will be accepted for who you are.

Today transgender kids is a new phenomenon. Our grand parents never could have dreamed we would be facing this type of situation today. M.D.’s sometimes call kids  “gender dysphoria” by mainstream medicine. I have a theory of why this phenomenon is happening more today than it did 50 years ago.

Why are statistics telling us that the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bi-sexual (LGBT) communities increasing with every passing year? Because drugs have increased in our food supply. A boy child of three is NOT having psychological problems when he feels trapped in a girl’s body. The unbalanced food with chemicals has made this child’s brain NOT match the body he/she feels.

Most people know that every year we eat animals that have been given so much antibiotics that the FDA doesn’t even require food manufacturers to keep count as to how much they are feeding them. No one is being held accountable, and no one cares. We eat the hormones, and then feel the confusion and wonder why. But, the root of the cause is greed.

Growing up is a painful process in and of itself. I watched two daughters grow up, and each struggled to become an adult. Example: My one daughter felt that if she had a car, her life would be perfect. Of course, when she received the car, she needed something else to make her life perfect.

A transgender child sees all of their life hinging on being the gender that’s inside their brain and not their body. Of course, the physical gender change doesn’t make life perfect. Life is seldom perfect.

How does a 12 year old know that life is never perfect? They learn the hard way and life is a transition for every human. Mainstream medicine is very eager to help your child because the bucks are big. But, do the medical treatments satisfy the child? The perfect life seems to be continually out of reach. Exactly like it was for my daughter to get the car, and then a television in her room and on and on the list went. As an adult, is life ever perfect? Answer that? Of course not. Or does each dance lesson help us to learn to be happy as we are.

If you are raising a child like this OR  if you are trapped in the wrong body – stop and think – God has a plan for your life. He knew that you would be exactly where you are right now, and He knew you could handle this large burden, and HE wants to help you through it.

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