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Are you looking for a place to learn to dance? Iím near I-4 and† one-mile west of the Longwood exit. Itís only 20 minutes north of the City of Orlando. I have been teaching complete beginners to dance for over ten years. I love it, and I hope you will, too. I teach differently than other instructors. How? I give visual examples, and I help you to create muscle memory - not memorizing steps.


Dance classes Orlando for adults is fun and affordable. Sometimes a dance lesson may cost over $100 per hour. I charge $45 an hour when you purchase five dance classes up front. If your budget is still lower, I can adjust my dance classes for you with a 35 minute dance lesson for $25 when you purchase four dance classes up front or $100.


We have lots of fun dancing, and there is lots of laughing. You will learn quickly and easily with visual examples of dancing. You wonít be memorizing dance steps, but you will connecting steps. The steps are walking steps. If you can stumble, you can learn to dance. Most people think that they need to know dance steps in order to be successful at ballroom dancing. This is a misunderstood concept. You know all the steps already to learn to dance. Let me give you an example:


Progressive waltz. In the waltz there is a progressive step. Oh, my - does that sound too complicated? No, a progressive step is simply walking to the music. You hear the beat and change steps to each of the three beats in the waltz. Not kidding. This method of dancing is a secret - and now you know. I have lots more secrets how to lead and how to follow.


Call for an appointment - 407-297-9048. You can try a 20 minute dance lesson. If you hate the first 20 minutes, then it is free. If you love the dance lesson, then you can pay $25 and schedule another dance lesson for another time. If you want a 60 minute Dance classes Orlando for adults lesson, then the lesson will be $50 for 65 minutes. Pay by charge is available, but please add a $15 service fee.


Ballroom, Salsa, Country, Wedding, Swing Nightclub Two Step and other dances are taught here at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Prices are affordable.

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1 mile west of I-4

Exit Number 94

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Dance classes Orlando for adults

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