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Watch the Dancing Doctorís Health Videos. The list is below. Click on the topic that interests you. Some of the videos below were seen on Christian television as a Public Service Announcement. Public service means that no one made any money for the commercial. The Television channel did NOT sell the time. The production company did NOT charge for the production. The talent was NOT paid. No money changed hands, but just from the goodness of the Christian television station did these announcements air in Orlando, and on 23 other Christian television stations across the United States.† These dance health videos may help you to dance longer on the dance floor when you practice their concepts in your every day life.

Please watch the videos below:

1934 Prophet Speaks

Do this First (to feel better)

Benefits of Garlic

Calorie Theory Part Two



Creams on your face. Good?

Childhood Migraines

Cholesterol is a Myth

Dairy - good or bad?

Demasculinization of Men

Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D. hormone research

Fake Sugar is Dangerous

Feel Better in 48 Hours Book on Television

Get Healthy Snacks

Get Healthy Lesson One

Get Healthy Lesson Two

Get Healthy Lesson Four

Godís Plan, Godís Food

Godís Plan, Godís Food #2

Godís Plan, Godís Food #3 Dementia

Godís Plan, Godís Food #4

Godís Plan, Godís Food #5 Headache

Godís Plan, Godís Food #6 Sugar is a drug

Godís Plan, Godís Food #7 MSG

Godís Plan, Godís Food #8 Depression

Godís Plan, Godís Food #9 Beef is Poison

Godís Plan, Godís Food #10 Hyperactive Children

Godís Plan, Godís Food #11 Cholesterol

Godís Plan, Godís Food #12 - Fake Sugar

Godís Plan, Godís Food #13 - Bible eating

Godís Plan, Godís Food #14 Brain Chemistry

Godís Plan, Godís Food #15 Flavoring

Godís Plan, Godís Food #16 Cancer

Godís Plan, Godís Food #17 Endangered Species List

Godís Plan, Godís Food #18 Arthritis

Health Insurance



Inherited Migraines

Migraines and What to eat

Migraines for 26 Years

Natural Vitamins

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Book

Oxygen Reduces Migraine Pain

Prescription Statin Drugs

Processed Foods. Good?

Prostate Cancer - PSA Test

Sleep - Improve your Liver

Sockeye Salmon Review

Test Kitchen - Banana Nut Bread Recipe

Test Kitchen - Breakfast Alternative

Test Kitchen - Breakfast Alternative #2

Test Kitchen - Chicken Broth Recipe

Test Kitchen - Dried Bean Recipe

Test Kitchen - Peanut Butter Cookies

The Secret Stress that Contributes to Illness

The Transgender Decision

Tubal Ligation Side Effect

Viagra Commercials - Why so many?

Weight loss Tips

What Causes Cancer?

What Processed Foods to Avoid.

What the Bible says about Manna.

Who will die alone?

Why the Calorie Theory Doesnít Make Sense

Why I am a Vegan

Why Pregnant Women Have Nausea



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