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There is a way to end that horrible feeling you get when you go out to have fun at a night club and see a dance floor. Take a few dance lessons. You will be surprised to find out how relaxed you feel with a few dance lessons in your experiences.† Liquid courage may help a little, but too much can make you look goofy on the dance floor and you wonít know it. By the way, isnít it better to remember the fun you had on the dance floor the next day without a headache? Yes, you can have fun without any influence from alcohol. Dancers do it every day.


With as little as five dance lessons you will get the basics for couple dancing. If you want to learn to freestyle dance, then one Dance Lessons will get you started. There are some basic moves I can show you in your one-hour dance lesson and then you practice those moves to develop your own free-style dance style.


If you are someone who thinks you donít have no rhythm, please know that 90 percent of all people on this earth have rhythm, but through an unkind remark, their rhythm has disappeared. Yes, people can regain their God-given talent† that they were given at birth.


Okay, hereís an offer you may want to take advantage of - if you schedule a dance lesson and feel horrible after fifteen minutes, then you can cancel the dance lesson and there wonít be any charge. That free offer may help you feel more relaxed. If you like the dance lesson and want to continue, then you will pay for the entire one-hour dance lesson.


Please call Dance Lessons for a Night Club appointment or to discuss a plan of action to help you feel comfortable on the dance floor: 407-297-9048



Dance Lessons for a Night Club

Uncomfortable near a

dance floor?

No rhythm?

Dance Lessons for a Night Club
Dance Lessons for a Night Club 
Dance Lessons for a Night Club