Have your Smart Meter covered!

Learn how to cover it now.

I personally believe that in 20 years of doing health research that the Smart Meter is a giant step towards ill health. Yes, Smart Meters are more damaging than smoking or being an alcoholic.

The Smart meter cooks the brain and robs you of your identity. Watch the videos and judge for yourself.

If your state allows you to opt out of the Smart Meter and buy and analog meter, you should seriously consider doing so. Call you electric company and ask today.

I tried to opt out with Duke Energy and they said that all Floridians cannot opt out. So, the cover is the only option you have OR you can do what I did. I took the choice of:

1. Take the Smart Meter and have electric power. (along with health problems.)

2. Take off the electricity to my home and avoid health problems. I chose to do life without electric.

Common health symptoms for using a Smart Meter:

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This is a letter similar of what I sent to Duke Energy:



Put the date here, then send Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested (I never received a receipt or a response when I did this procedure two times. This may be a waste of time and money.)


Duke Energy Headquarters

550 South Tryon Street.

Charlotte, NC 28202.


Attention: Ms. Good, CEO


Dear Ms. Leslie J. Good,


Re: Urgent Request for Mercy - _________________ (electric account number)


I love your genuine concern to serve your customers. You said in an April 24, 2017 Bloomberg interview, “We are here to serve our customers.” I say, “Thank you. “ You went on to say, “We want to meet their (customer) needs in the way they want to be served.” Very nice.

May I respectfully request that you grant favor to Florida customers to Opt Out of Smart Meters as you did to Duke Energy, Ohio. I have sent two certified letters, left four telephone messages and Duke Energy will not meet my needs in the way that I want to be served with an analog meter.

Ms. Good, I urgently plead for your compassion and assistance. A service man is scheduled to turn off my power on Monday. I am __________years old, in delicate health and live ______. I know you will do the right thing as you did for your Ohio customers that you allowed to opt out. May God continue to bless you as you lead a massive family of workers and customers.


Sincerely - a Florida customer,


Sign your name.


Put your contact information here and include a phone number or two.


I have been without electric since July 18, 2017. The Opt-Out law has not been changed in Florida so my hope for future power is slim to none. After Hurricane Irma, two workers came by and offered me electric, but I rejected their kindness.

Dance HealthDance Health

The day Duke Energy turned off my electric, they brought seven police squad cars, three Duke Energy Utility trucks and two Duke Energy supervisor trucks. This cartoon is funny, but true!