Fluoride Free Bottled Water Brands

Drinking out of glass is preferred or plastic that says,

“BPA free” Check your label water label.


I thought the list was good until I started to do a little research on my own:


1. I called, Crystal Springs Natural Spring Water and they DO put fluoride in their water. They sell five gallons of distilled water in a plastic container for $8., but it is delivered to your home with a ten gallon minimum. Are the five-gallon jugs BPA free? NO!


2. Walmart sells five gallons of distilled water for about $4. and the water is in plastic, too.  When I lost my power, I lost my ability to make distilled water. I used Walmart distilled water and I started to have ovary pain, lower back pain and other symptoms that indicated my hormones were out of balance. I changed my drinking water to rain water, and the pain and other symptoms vanished.


Trying to balance your own hormones is difficult, and might even be considered impossible. Fluoride destroys the thyroid. The thyroid controls metabolism. If you have a few pounds to shed, this may be a contributing factor. Plus, without a good-functioning thyroid your immune system is crippled. The thyroid is responsible to raise body temperature and kill anything that the body sees as an enemy to its well being. When the body is crippled and cannot raise its temperature, then the viruses or other harmful bacteria may bring you many diseases. Yes, cancer may be one of them. No one lives a long, healthy life without a healthy thyroid. If you have unexplained weight gain, your thyroid is unable to burn your calories efficiently. Thus, as Americans age, our weight increases. In Europe this extra weight gain does NOT exist because they do not fluoridate their water.


3.  Culligan Water  was  on the list for fluoride free bottled water, but they sold  the water delivery part of their business to Crystal Springs (mentioned above that adds fluoride to the water)  Cullian does offer a service of installing a reversed osmosis filter that will remove fluoride. The installation is $149 and the monthly charge is $24.99, but they said the filters for the system are included. (there are three filters - if the filters are not maintained, the fluoride will NOT be removed.)


4. San Pellegrino is a bottled water that comes in glass. I called the company and they do not add fluoride, but have a natural occurring fluoride. The carbonation is added to their water that does not sound healthy to me. I found the carbonation to be annoying and caused bowel issues for me. BUT, it is still a better alternative than drinking fluoride in my water.


So, how does a company get on this fictional list - it would be my guess that they paid.


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