Drinking water without fluoride is essential for good health.

Only drink water from “BPA free” bottles. IF it doesn’t say it is, then it is NOT.



1) I bought a steam stiller and distilled all of my cooking and drinking water. It tastes wonderful and it has no side effects. Steam distilling water does the same process as God does when He send rain to the earth.


2) I tried to find brands of water that do NOT have fluoride and who HAVE BPA free bottles and I only found one place in the Orlando area.  I found a one-man business in the Orlando area. He gets his water from the Springs and has BPA free five gallon bottles for delivery. Call him: (407) 277-5331.


Not from Orlando area?

Get on the telephone and call all of the water delivery companies that deliver to your area. Ask if the water has ADDED fluoride. If they say no, then ask the second question: Do you deliver in BPA free bottles? This is the only way I know to find clean water.


3) What I do:

Collect rain water. Time consuming and expensive. Email me if you want help.