Orlando Free Things to do (Scroll down for Shoe Tips)

Get two free dance lessons when you go to Casselberry dance. The place to be this Sunday is at  3:30 p.m. is Secret Lake Senior Center - 200 N. Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, FL. 32707. You will have the time of your life dancing to the D.J. And now the best part, pay $5.00 for the dance but receive free two ONE HOUR dance lessons! Too good to be true? No, every week this dance has been taking place for the past 15 years, and it has become Orlando Free Things to do.

In Casselberry, on 17-92 there is a Target Store and the street directly across from the 17-92 Target  entrance is the street that goes to a dead end. Turn left at the stop sign to the park on the left. (about one mile) You will see tennis courts. The dance will be in the senior center. A large room with plastic wood flooring.

Shoe Tips:

The soles of your shoes should be leather and be flexible. What do I mean by “flexible?” That means you can easily raise your body by standing on tip toe. (really the balls of your feet.) If the shoe is stiff, and doesn’t allow easy movement,  then put it down and keep looking. The leather sole will help you to be able to slide a little. Gym shoes won't work because they don't allow you to slide a little.  Shoes are very important because if your feet have too much traction you will trip and stumble.

If you dance on a real wood dance floor that is being maintained, then the best shoe to have would be leather-soled bottoms as mentioned above, and plastic also works if it is scored to help with traction. A plain plastic soled bottom shoe will be too slippery - or as a dancer would call it “fast.” If the shoes are fast, and you are slow the ground will come up to meet you. In other words, you fall. Not pretty.

The second pointer would be to have shoes you can easily go up on tip toe with out a lot of resistance from the shoes. This means that the leather is soft and pliable. You can purchase a shoe that has stiff leather, and it will be difficult to dance in this shoe.  If the sales person says it will become pliable, he is correct, but you don’t have the time to wait nor the blisters to make. Spend a little more and you will be thankful.

Invest in a shoe that you will have for the rest of your life. Men, a wing tip is stylish and timeless. Women, a pump with a one-inch heal that is flexible so you can bend up to be on tip toe easily is a great investment as well. 

Both men and women should expect to pay over $100 or more for your multipurpose shoe. Good for social occasions as well as being prepared when you see a dance floor. I hope this helps. See you on the dance floor.


Orlando Free Things to Do
Orlando Free Things to Do
Orlando Free Things to Do
Orlando Free Things to Do
Orlando Free Things to do 
Orlando Free Things to doOrlando Free Things to do

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Orlando Free Things to do Orlando Free Things to do