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Steve and Geraldine are seniors who live in Orlando, and decided that they were going to stop dreaming about dancing and get out and dance. They were on a limited budget, so they take one dance lesson a month, and they are having the time of their lives.


Geraldine said, “I wish I knew it was so much fun, then I wouldn’t have waited so long!” Swing Dance Orlando is one of the easier dances to learn and the music is such that you will be able to hear the beat easily. Those two reasons alone are probably why the swing has been popular for over 50 years.


The video below is their second dance lesson, and we will discuss how to hold the lady when you begin the Swing Dance Orlando. It is not too difficult on the second dance lesson because students learn the basic step and then learn how to get closer together to be in “closed hold.” Swing is a popular dance at social occasions and is usually the third dance I teach beginners: What are the other dances?

1) Rumba

2) Cha cha

3) Swing


I am a dance teacher that makes house calls for you and your main squeeze or having a dance teacher come to a Christmas party is always popular. I have given dance lessons for an entire wedding party, and for a birthday party. Fun and dancing is great at any event.

Watching the dance lesson video below will give you a “fly-on-the-wall” point of view of what a private dance lesson looks like. If you have any questions and would like to call me or come in for a free consultation, please call. 407-297-9048


Swing Dance Orlando
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Swing Dance Orlando
Swing Dance Orlando