Wedding Couple First Dance


Most of my students who arrive at my dance studio tell me that they fear dancing their first dance the same way they danced in junior high school. I can easily fix that fear with a few private dance lessons.


It is my opinion, if you can stumble, you can learn to dance. Learning to dance is walking to the music. For leaders, they learn how to lead and for followers, they learn how to follow. It may seem too simple, but knowing either is a skill. You can learn the skill, but it takes some time, but if you know the secrets, it can happen fairly quickly.  I will tell you the secrets or the “inside information” if you like. What about Dips and Tricks for your first dance?


Wedding Couple First Dance secrets all make complete common sense so you won’t need to be a rocket scientist to attend a dance lesson. The key part of taking a private dance lesson is practicing the first day after the dance lesson. I have seen many students fail if they don’t practice this one duty. Why do they fail? Because all of the private dance lesson leaks out of their brain. You may liken it to evaporation. I phenomena I know about, and I can help you avoid it.


When you practice, practice for at least ten minutes. Twenty minutes will be better, but the ten will do when you are low on time. Practice at least three times a week, and you will save lots of money on reviewing the dance lesson the next time you see me.


Wedding Couple First Dance lesson always starts with a review what you know from the dance lesson before to see if you still know it. I can add a few little techniques that will help you to look awesome on the dance floor while we review. No one will know you are a beginner, and that is a good thing because beginners usually look bad. I can help you look good on the dance floor and feel comfortable at the same time.


You can call me and we can discuss a plan for you and your dancing career. (short or long) Even if you just go to a lounge to dance after the wedding, you will be glad you came for a few Wedding Couple First Dance lessons. When you think about it, the cake will be eaten, the guests will go home, the dress will be packed away and your shoes will go under the bed - BUT, the dance lessons will remain a pleasant memory experience and the knowledge from the dance lessons will be in your mind for the rest of your life.


Ask a question or call me now - 407-297-9048/ You will be glad you did. Read my reviews if you don’t believe me. 407-297-9048.

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Wedding Couple First Dance  
wedding couple first danceWedding Couple First DanceWedding Couple First Dance  
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Wedding Couple First Dance 

Wedding Couple First Dance