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Anniversaries are a milestone in every married couple’s memory. If they danced like they did in junior high school or if they went all out and took wedding dance lessons, the memory will always be there. Here’s some Cool Partner dance moves Pricing and Fancy Dip and/or Trick Dance Move, Bachelorette Party Idea.


I make a suggestion to all of my Brides and Grooms to make the memory of their wedding dance lessons Orlando part of their yearly anniversary ritual. That means that when it is anniversary time that they do not simply exchange cards and a gift or go out to dinner, but they also remember the things that helped them to fall in love. Like what?


Remembering how they met - each tell their version of the story because it will be different. (Yes, you may have heard it, but it is wonderful to hear it again from your spouse’s lips. You will be surprised how different, but a good type of different it sounds.) Please no interrupting this is how they remember it. You will have your turn to say what you remember. You might say a different point of view that brought your spouse to the same conclusion - “I want to spend the rest of my life with this person.” Spend at least five minutes recalling the “why I fell in love with you reasons.”


On your anniversary you will also remember your first impression of your new-found love. Both sharing honestly. Continue this line of remember until you reach the day that a marriage proposal was made. What will this do? It will keep all of these important feelings renewed and remember why you fell in love in the first place.


If I can be a part of your wedding memories and teach you both Wedding Dance Lessons Orlando please do not hesitate to call me to arrange for a free consultation. Thank you. 



Diana Jo Rossano, Dance Teacher

Ballroom, Salsa, Country, Wedding, Swing and other dances are taught here at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Prices are affordable.

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Wedding Dance Lessons Orlando
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