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Do you know what the foxtrot looks like? Please see the video below for a sample of me dancing with a friend, Bob. Bob makes the foxtrot look easy, but he has been dancing before you were born. It is fun music that features Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others from the 1940’s and 50’s music.


Never heard of those singers? Well, you will hear them if you go to a ballroom dance. How did the name “foxtrot” begin? The exact origin of the name of the dance is unclear,. The theory I like best  is that the dance took its name from a popular vaudeville actor named Harry Fox. Mr. Fox would dance to the music of his era as if he were walking or trotting around the dance floor. People began by describing his method of dancing as a Foxtrot. And thus, we have the popular ballroom dance of today called, “Foxtrot.”


Yes, I teach the Foxtrot, but I suggest a few foundational dance lessons of the rumba before starting to take Foxtrot Dance Lessons. Why? Because this dance requires an excellent dance frame. Your dance frame is worked on from the moment you start dancing to the moment you stop dancing. In other words, you need some dance experience.


Please give me a call for Foxtrot Dance Lessons and we can discuss your future as a ballroom dancer. You will have the time of your life walking or trotting to the music - HA - and you always thought it was dancing.


407-297-9048 - You’ll be glad you did.



Foxtrot Dance Lessons
foxtrot dance lessons


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Foxtrot Dance Lessons