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Grow old gracefully. If you stay home every night, you won’t burn out, but you will rust out. Make a decision to keep moving, and eating as if your life depended on it - because it does. Grandma said you are what you eat - and grandma was right. Invest in you - prepare your own food so you can be sure of your foods quality. Restaurants want your money. Healthy customers are NOT their priority or concern. Make it your priority and concern.


Better Memory with Ballroom Dancing is easy when you read food labels.

Please know that ballroom will improve your memory, and grow new dendrites

so there are more connection points in your brain. Why do you want more connection points? Because that keeps you thinking faster and better.


Plus dancing improves the brain chemistry of your brain. A balanced brain chemistry will keep your mood more constant. No extreme ups and downs. Good food and good exercise is one of the best ways to insure a better memory, more energy and a controlled weight. Please scroll down for an important health video that may help your memory.


I help my students to feel better, lose weight and have less headaches. AND, I teach them to dance, improve your memory and have the time of their lives dancing. Call for more information: 407-297-9048


Better Memory with Ballroom Dancing is easy at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons because a private dance lesson will start your new hobby in the right direction. During these five weeks, the dancing doctor will help you feel better. After five or ten private dance lessons, then begin taking group dance lessons. Yes, the five dance lessons will cost you $225. but you will get the foundation that beginning students desperately need at the beginning of their dancing careers.


Better Memory with Ballroom Dancing 407-297-9048

Please scroll down for the video below.



Better Memory with Ballroom Dancing
Better Memory with Ballroom Dancing
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