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Itís easy at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons because a private dance lesson will start your new life skill in the right direction. During these five weeks, the dancing doctor will help you feel better. After five or ten private dance lessons, you have the vocabulary established, basic moves are in your muscles and it may be time to begin taking group dance lessons. Yes, the five dance lessons will cost you $225. but you should think of it as a foundation that beginning students desperately need at the beginning of their dancing venture.

Father Daughter Dance† may seem scary, but not when you know a few secrets. Like what? Put on your happy face and read this informative list:

1) Shorten the dance music to about two minutes. One of the Dads who wanted to dance with his daughter only had one dance lesson because he lived out of down. Wah lah, we shortened the music and they looked great.

2)  Next, I taught him three dance moves and he repeated all three during the two-minute performance. He felt much more confident.

3)  Lastly, I taught a Dad and his daughter THE most important part of the wedding dance and it was the simplest technique of them all. Smile. Yup, show your teeth. When you mess up - not if - 100 percent accuracy is pretty impossible - so laugh and show those pearly whites.

Thatís it. He and his beautiful daughter were on their way to make a hit on the dance floor for memories that he and she will never - ever forget. The cake is eaten, the dress is put into storage, but dancing with daddy is a memory that will store in Dadís head until he leaves this world for heaven.

Dance with your Cinderella, and start today so you can build five-hours of memories that will last a lifetime. Daughters, this will be a special time with you and Dad that wonít fade from your memory. Cherish this time, and tell Dad all the things you love about him.

Wedding Dance Lessons & Free Music Editing:

Ninety-Nine percent of all wedding music must be edited so the performance is about two and a half minutes in duration. I will edit one song for free. You can chose how many dance lessons you want. I suggest the five, one-hour dance lessons.

If you have two songs for your performance, then you will need 10 dance lessons. Three songs requires 15 dance lessons. I still edit the music to 2.5 minutes and for FREE. Call 407-297-9048 for additional questions.


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Father Daughter Dance Father Daughter Dance
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Father Daughter Dance
Father Daughter Dance

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