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Impress your main squeeze with a new way to celebrate - dinner and a dance lesson. This is a way to think outside the box for anyone you cannot dance - yet! Take your main squeeze to dinner and a dance lesson. Communication is all about — well — communication. Talking, touching, doing household chores and other activities – – together. Even when you don’t talk, you are communicating by your presence, your glance into their eyes, holding hands, smiling, smirking and other body language.

So, for this anniversary or birthday, do something different and learn to dance Orlando . Mix it up. Surprise your loved one with a little creativity. Communicating on the dance floor requires some of the same communication skills necessary for communicating in an everyday relationship.

Learn to dance Orlando can help you with dance communication and every day communication. Please see the videos below for more information. The three leading cause of divorce are lack of respect, lack of trust and has no sense of humor. Money was never mentioned and rarely intimate relationships.

Respect: A leader cannot lead his dance partner without respect. He treats her as a delicate flower, and makes sure she is not ever put in jeopardy on the dance floor.

Trust : A follower will not fully follow her leader unless she trusts him. Since a follower spends most of her time dancing backward, it is crucial for her to trust her leader completely. She willingly surrenders her thoughts and shifts into an intuitive mode which allows her to “feel” her leader’s movement in order to follow him where ever he may lead her on the dance floor.

Sense of Humor: A sense of humor is essential for both leader and follower because no one has ever danced a perfect dance. Learning to laugh about our mistakes and continue dancing to the music is essential. Learn to dance Orlando is a great idea for a wedding, birthday or anniversary gift. You will be remembered for many years to come for your kindness and creativity. Please call for a free consultation: 407-297-9048

Ballroom, Salsa, Country, Wedding, Swing and other dances are taught here at Two Left Feet Dance Lessons. Prices are affordable. Starting at $45 for 60-minute, private, dance lesson. Ask a question.


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