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Waltz is a relaxing dance.  A social waltz is different than a ballroom waltz. The ballroom waltz dances around the perimeter of the dance floor while the social waltz stays close to the center of the dance floor and does the basic box.

Waltz dance lessons is fun and relaxing. This beautiful couple is learning how to dance waltz for their first wedding dance at their reception. (see the video below)

This is a short clip of the end of their first private dance lesson with Jo Rossano, Arthur Murray trained Dance Instructor who teaches Waltz dance lessons

This couple only has had three dance lessons, and see how well they are doing with their Waltz dance lessons. Sometimes I hear this basic dance step called, “The Box Step.” For a social waltz, a box step works very well. I teach the Bride to follow and the Groom to lead and when the groom makes a mistake - no one knows.

Call for a free consultation to find out more information about Waltz dance lessons for a social occasion or for your First Dance. A first dance can also be a swing, a hustle or a combination of two dances  together. You can learn some Cool Wedding Moves like dips and tricks. A great compromise when the Groom wants one song and the Bride wants to dance to a different song or edit a first dance with both songs together. An example would be one minute of each song..

You can ask for a free consultation with affordable prices.Call now: 407-297-9048

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Waltz dance lessons 

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Waltz Dance Lessons